Life Analysis with Feng Shui
What is Life Analysis?

For yearly life analysis, this is to check out what will be good and bad in the coming year, we will give you a detail report for your coming twelve months.

Singapore Property Analysis with Feng Shui
Property Analysis

Before making any major investment in any commercial or private properties, let us analyse the location and surroundings that may impact your investments. This is to let you choose the right houses before you buy or rent any premises without worry. Once committed to a poor Feng Shui houses brings you harmful effect

Singapore Home Feng Shui
Home Feng Shui

The interior of your house is just as critical as the external. Let us help to perform a Feng Shui audit to optimise your interior design plans.

Wedding Date Selection Singapore
Date Selection

Marriage date selection. This is to match with couples and parents' birth date, teach you how to celebrate your wedding according to the Chinese traditional Feng Shui way.

Chinese name selection
Name selection

This is to choose a name for your new born, according to his/her birth date and time, using the traditional Chinese Name method, matching with strokes and elements

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