Master Li (renowned Hong Kong Geomancer) provides Feng Shui services since 1984, and is highly appraised by thousands of clients and students; here are some guidelines for you to consider our services:

1) Not a single complaint (about our service or results) from our customer for the past 21 years.

2) Prompt services and direct contact to Master Li (10:00 - 8:00pm daily)

3) Fast appointment date arranged to the soonest day.

4) No extra service charge, unlike others who offer the lowest service charge, but eventually ten times your budget.

5) Reasonable service charge, easy affordable to everybody.

6) Professional after sales service and customer. There is no need to worry about any new questions or problems

7) Big institutes such as Raffles Hotel,, Lucasfilm Animation, CDW Distribution, Federal Express., etc.,(so much company and cannot be fully listed) fully appreciated our Professional services.

8) Traditional superb Chinese Feng Shui technique and modern design applied.

Life Analysis
S$200 for yearly life analysis, this is to check out what will be good and bad in the coming year, we will give you a detail report for your coming twelve months.

Why choosing us?
Accurate and prompt answer to any questions

Selection of Name
S$200 for the baby name, this is to choose a name according to his/her birth date and time, using the traditional Chinese Name method, matching with strokes and elements.

Why choosing us?
You can choose the right names on the spot and no need to come back and collect.

Marriage Date
S$100 for selection of marriage date, this is to match with couples and parents' birth date, teach you how to celebrate your wedding according to the Chinese traditional Feng Shui way.

Why choosing us?
We can choose any date on year 2007 and onward for you, while others cannot.

Selection of House/Office/Warehouse
S$500 per visit, this let you choose the right houses before you buy or rent any premises without worry. Once committed to a poor Feng Shui houses brings you harmful effect.

Why choosing us?
Fast and professional services provided and earliest appointment can be arranged within a day.

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