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For Wealth and Luck Enhancement 1993 sees the relocation of Master Victor Li from Hong Kong to Singapore with the set up of Li's Feng Shui & Environmental Design. During this time Master Li has advocated various corrective Feng Shui measures to successfully enhance the wealth and luck of his numerous clients. In Singapore alone he has touched the benchmark achievement of grooming 220 professional geomancers

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Professional flying star and life analysis courses

Year 2006 & 07, for further details, please click here
   English Cert. Course
   Chinese Cert. Course
   Four Pillars Cert Course


  Secrets of Flying Star Feng Shui
  The Secret on the Centre Palace
  The Origin of Xuan Kong Da Gua
  Innate Trigram & Five Elements
  The origin of Xuan Kong Flying Stars
  Scientifically view of Xuan Kong
  Xuan Kong Method of Urging Wealth
  8 Houses School and Application
  Arguments on Xuan Kong Age of 8
  Hot Topics
  What is Life Analysis?
  What is Feng Shui?
  Urging Wealth
  How to diminish Shar?

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